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Obstetricians in Ireland
« on: June 01, 2018, 06:55:07 PM »

On DD1 I went public - didn't see obs .On DS I went to Dr Henry Bourke in Kilkenny and didn't find him to be my type, too doctory doctory iykwim, although he didn't do  anything in particular was just his way and not mine.Your friend's experience sounds just like mine when I had DD2, except I was in Kilkenny and was seeing TH. I found both him and his partner, R O'S, to be excellent.However, someone else might have had a totally different experience. I had issues with an obs in the Rotunda towards the end of my first pregnancy and would be very reluctant to recommend him to anyone but I've seen other MMs rave about him also.On DD2 I went to Dr Trevor Hayes in Kilkenny and I totally loved him, he was so great with everything, due to complication's I had load's of appointment's, I could call anytime and go in even just to see the MW if he or Ray o Sullivan weren't on, and he listened to what I had to say, how I felt and all that and explained everything to me, when I explained how my other birth's hadn't exactly gone to my plan, he made sure that I as much as possible had what I wanted and he made sure he would be their for the birth, as I was so worried... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, amazing experience..

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Obstetricians in Ireland
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